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Frequently Asked Questions

This information is to help you understand how Charity Services operate. Any questions not answered can be directed to your Service Delivery Manager

General Information

Who can TXT into my service?

Charity shortcodes are provisioned on all mobile networks in New
Zealand; Vodafone, Spark, Skinny Mobile and 2degrees.
It’s important to note that while there are other mobile operators in New
Zealand, they will use one of the networks mentioned. This means that
any user that has a mobile phone in New Zealand, can text in to your

How long can my response be for any messages to mobiles?
All message responses are limited to 160 characters or less. This includes spaces, special characters etc. Any messages over 160characters will mean the user will receive more than one response.This also means you will be charged for additional messages. It’s in your best interests to keep to the 160-character limit.
What should I include within my
You must include the name of your charity within your call to action(advertising), and clearly communicate that it will cost the donors $3 if they text in to your shortcode. You must advertise the end date of your campaign as donations received after the end date of your campaign may not go to your charity and instead may be allocated to another registered charity of our choice. These are the three most important items to advertise.
What happens once my service has ended?
The Mobile Operators will count the number of messages and make payment to Modica accordingly. Payment will then be held in a dedicated bank account by us before being disbursed to you. The timeframe for when we can make payment to you relies on when we are paid by the Mobile Operators.
Can I see the messages that are being sent to my service?
Yes, you can. As part of our service, we give you access to a console accessible via the web/internet. Our console is built for Firefox or Chrome. Any other browsers may be able to access the console but some of the features may be disabled
If I was to run this again; can I use the same shortcode?
It depends on what’s available as that code may be booked by another charity. Some of our long-term charity campaigns often reserve their codes for the whole year. This is to ensure no other charity uses it. If you would like to reserve this code, talk to your Service DeliveryManager.
How many logins can I have?
The available number of logins will be determined on the length of your service. Let your Service Delivery Manager know and one of the team will get you sorted.
Can I share the information you have given me?
We recommend you don’t. We like to keep those who choose to work with Modica in the know. We ask that you keep these documents within the organisation only. If you do want to share these document, you will need to talk to your Service Delivery Manager first.
If I want to change the way my campaign operates, do I need to tell you?
Yes. Any changes to the way the service operates, will need to be passed by the networks if it is a significant change. This process will take a few days.

Pricing and Payments

Can I charge users more than $3?

Yes, but you may not receive 100% of the funds collated using a charity
This is a standard charity service provided by Modica using a specific
shortcode provisioned on the NZ mobile networks provision. There is a
special agreement in place for these codes only where the mobile
networks will give 100% of the funds to the Charity.
You can launch a premium service that charges more than this, but the
networks will claim part of the funds collated. We recommend you use
a Charity Service that charges $3 as you’re guaranteed to receive all of
the funds you generate.

What do your setup costs cover?

This fee covers the setup and provisioning of your shortcode across all
four mobile networks (Vodafone, Spark, Skinny Mobile & 2degrees).
It also covers the time required from our team to configure your service
within our platform, and the license fee for using the platform.

Will my charity receive 100% of the
 money raised?

Yes, if you choose a $3 donation amount, Vodafone, Spark, Skinny and
2degrees will credit 100% of the donations raised to your charity

My campaign has ended, but people are still texting the shortcode. Can I claim the revenue for these messages?
In short – No. It’s your responsibility to ensure your advertising has been removed from all advertising channels and that you have advertised an end date for your campaign. There may be another charity using the code so all funds collated after your campaign has finished may go to another charity/organisation.
Can Modica provide tax receipts to people who donate?
No we cannot. It is the responsibility of the Charity to provide tax receipts for any eligible donations.
Why does the Modica donation volume report differ from the final payment made to us?
This may be due to refunds being processed by the Mobile Network Operators during the campaign.


How do I provide feedback?
With all of our services, we welcome your feedback. To comment about our services, our people or the information we have presented you, please email
Can I contact the networks directly to ask a question?
No. Each of the mobile networks have an agreement with Modica and require us to handle all communications around service behaviour and best practice procedures. Talk to one of our team. We may be able to help.
If I have an issue with my campaign, whom should I contact?
You can contact your Service Delivery Manager or one of the ServiceDelivery team by emailing If it’s urgent, call your Service Delivery Manager.
Is there a cost to me if I ask for support?
If you have a charity campaign with us, No. There is a cost to Modica

for providing this service, but we don’t pass these charges on to you.

Will Modica assist with legal or taxation advice for my campaign?
As your legal and taxation requirements will be specific to your business, Modica is unable to assist you in these areas. We recommend that you engage expert advice.

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