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Setup Checklist

In order for Modica to set up your new Email2SMS service we need the following key information;



1What is your Email address?



What is your Email Domain name?

(i.e. everything to the right of the '@' in your email address)


Does your Domain name have an SPF record?    

We can check this for you or you can use a tool like this


 If Yes go to 5


If No do you have 5 or less servers that you send email from?

If you send email from more than 5 servers you will need an SPF record added to your domain.

You can find more info about SPF and details for you to pass to your technical team about is here.

List up to 5 server IPs or hostnames;

5) You need to decide what email address you will send your email2sms messages to. There are basically two choices;

Modica Email2SMS address


Email2SMS address on your domain

e.g. yourname.sms-e.comore.g.
Easiest option, we handle everything.orYou'll need to get your Tech team to set up the address
Clearly differentiated from your email domain.or

Easy to remember as it's based on your normal domain

We own the addressorYou own the address
If you prefer this option we'll take care of this for youor

If you prefer this option click on the following link to get the necessary set up info;

 Click here to expand...

Replace each ‘’ in the following message with your preferred domain name and then email it your tech team or Domain host;


We are setting up Email2SMS with Modica Group Ltd, we want to be able to send emails to email addresses like and Modica will deliver them as SMS messages to the mobile number at the start of that email address.

We need your help to make this possible!

Please add the two following subdomain MX records to’s DNS Records. IN MX 5 IN MX 10

Thanks in advance!”

Enter your choice below;

Optional Settings, not required to make service live;


6Do you want to further secure the service to a list of allowed senders within your organisation? If you have a large list of senders you can put them into a csv file and easily upload them via our portal.
7What countries do you want to send to?Some countries may be push (outbound) only.
8How many messages are you expecting to send each month?High Volumes may effect per message pricing.

Do you want to send long messages?  Email2SMS messages are limited to 160 characters by default, i.e. a single SMS message, but you can send longer messages, with each additional 153 characters using another SMS message. (Note: a 300 character Email2sms message will cost the same as two 160 character Email2sms messages.)

Long messages will be displayed on smart phones as a single long message or, on older phones, as several SMS's labelled with 1/3 2/3 and 3/3 for instance.

Caution: If you enable longer messages Email2sms will forward every character in the email including Subject, Body, Signature and Email trail until the allowed characters have been exhausted.
10Would you like to enable multimedia messages (MMS) for incoming messages? This will allow you to receive images and other multimedia that are included in an SMS sent to your domain.MMS may not be available in all regions. 
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