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What is SPF and why do you need it to use Email2SMS?

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework

It's a simple Text record that is added to your Domain Name's DNS records that lists what mail servers are allowed to send your emails.

With an SPF record set up on your Domain your email2sms service will be secured against third parties being able to send SMS at your expense.

SPF is a straight forward way to secure your Email domain against being misused by third parties. Prior to the advent of SPF, spammers often sent emails out as being 'from' legitimate companies even using individual employees email addresses to fool people into opening the malicious email containing Spam and/or Viruses etc.

We recommend using SPF to protect your email from misuse, even if you're not using Email2SMS.

Want to check whether you already have an SPF record?

We can check this for you or you can use a tool like this

A note to your Tech Team

Cut and paste the following into an email to your tech team requesting the set up of an SPF record, make sure you put your domain name in where >enter your domain name here< is currently;


We’re setting up Email2SMS with Modica Group Ltd, but we need to make sure nobody else can fake their sender email address as being on our domain >enter your domain name here<, otherwise a third party could send SMS messages via the new service at our cost!

To secure the service against misuse we need an SPF record set up on our Domain, could you check with our mail provider what SPF record we need added and then add it accordingly, Modica can advise you if required. (Modica contacts; Email:  Ph: +64 4 498 6000 ask for support)

Please let me know as soon as the SPF record is in place,

Thanks in advance!”

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