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Engage with your customers or audience and manage your customer experience through a built in moderation console

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How does it work?

Engage with your customers or audience using Mobile Studio in a number of different ways. From advertising a keyword for consumers to request information, receiving an automatic text response to allowing audiences to actively take part in events and see their messages on a big screen. 

Audience messages are received in real-time and can be viewed online and forwarded to mobile, web or big screen via a wide range of methods to suit your requirements. The built in moderation console allows you to control the publicly displayed content and manage your customer experience, allowing you to approve or reply to messages received or extract results



Features / Benefits

  • Public message moderation panel
  • Message forwarding to another mobile
  • Securely store all your messages in one place
  • RSS of FTP feed options of incoming messages for website, big screen

  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Personalisation of messaging
  • Blacklisting
  • Supports SMS, Email, Web as entry methods