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Welcome to Mobile Studio where you can create automated messages for when recipients send you a particular keyword. 

Accessing Mobile Studio

To access the Mobile Studio application, first log into the platform.

Navigate to Mobile Studio via Applications in the side menu.

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Response Messages

Creating a Message Response for a Specific Keyword 

To get started, you’ll need to decide your first keyword and the automatic response that will be generated when users send an SMS with it.

Click on the Keywords/Responses tab. Then select the plus sign on the right side of the screen.


Fill in your new keyword and the automatic response you want it to generate.

Please note that if your message is longer than 160 characters, you’ll see a notice explaining that you’ll be charged twice per message. You can find out more about Character Limits here.

If you want to forward the message from that keyword to a specific email address tick the "Forward These Messages to Email" and add the email address in the empty field beside it. This field is limited to only one email address.

When you configure the Keyword level email address as well as the Application level email address it will be sent to both email addresses.


Under the “Starts At” column, select the date that you want your Automatic Response to begin sending from. Click the “Save” button to save your changes.


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Creating a Default Message Response for an Unrecognised Keyword

Sometimes recipients might send you a message without a keyword that you’ve set an automatic response for. This feature comes in handy for those types of situations

Click on the Keywords/Responses tab.

At the bottom of the page will be a keyword named “DEFAULT”. Click the yellow pencil in the far right column.


Craft the perfect response to the person’s mistake (making sure you keep to the 160 character limit to avoid two SMS message charges). Then click the “Save” button.

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Editing a Message Response

So you want to make a change to one of your automatic responses? 

Select the Keywords/Responses tab and then click on the pencil in the far right column.

You can now make changes to your automatic response.

 Please note, you can’t change your keyword here. If you’d like to do that, you’ll need to copy your automatic message response, paste it in a new message response, and then add your new keyword. Remember to delete the old keyword if it no longer applies.


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Deleting a Message Response

Deleting message responses are as easy as, but not quite as satisfying, as pie. Simply:

Click on the Keywords/Responses tab.

Select the red cross button on the far right column.

Click “OK” when asked “Are you sure you wish to delete this keyword?”.  Unless of course you’re not sure. In which case, don’t click “OK”. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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Manually Responding to a Recipient's Message

If you simply want to send a special reply to a specific user, select the “New Messages” tab and click the “Reply” button next to your chosen received message.

 Note: this is an optional feature, if you would like to have it enabled, contact support or your Account Manager.

Write in your response (keeping to the 160 character count limit) and click “Send”.


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Downloading the Messages You Have Received as a CSV File

You may want a record of all the messages that you’ve received. If so, navigate to the “New Messages” tab and make your way to the bottom of the page.

Below the table of responses, you’ll see another table with date ranges.

Select your dates by clicking on the calendar button or by typing them in and click the button to download your CSV file.

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Viewing a Summary of Sent and Received Messages

For an easy summary, select the “Reporting tab”. You will be able to see the number of messages and the number of replies.


If you would like to see more detail on messages sent or recieved you can see this under Reporting in Omni

Mobile Report: Mobile Report can be used to see transaction history between a particular mobile and Mobile Studio. You can find more information on Mobile Report here.

Mobile AnalyticsThis can show aggregated volume by gateway / shortcode / carrier to help reconcile entry volumes. You can find more information on Mobile Analytics here. 

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Configuring Your New Messages Dashboard 

You may want to get specific on how many messages you want showing in the “New Messages” tab before they are moved to the “Processed Messages” tab. If so, you can do this by selecting “Configuration” from the Dashboard.


In the “Application” box, type in how many messages you want to be displayed per page and adjust the time before messages are processed.

Tick the box if you want to moderate messages (approve messages) before they’re uploaded to FTP or before it goes to SMS forwarding (for more info on SMS Forwarding, click here). Then click the “Save” button to confirm your settings.


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Forwarding Received Messages to One Designated Email Address

To process your received messages more efficiently, you may consider setting up an email forward.

To do this, select the “Configuration” tab.


From there, it’s pretty simple. Under the “Email Forwarding” box, tick “Enable Email Forwarding”, then type in the email address you want messages to be sent to.

Click the “Save” button to set your changes.


Note: If you would like to set up email forwarding per keyword this can be done one the Keywords/Responses tab as described here

When you configure the Keyword level email address as well as the Application level email address it will be sent to both email addresses.

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Forwarding Received Messages to a Designated Mobile Phone 

You can forward received messages to a mobile phone, to make message processing even easier to manage on the go.

Click on the “Configuration” tab in the main Mobile Studio Dashboard.


Under the “SMS Forwarding” box, tick “Enable SMS Forwarding” and then enter the mobile number you wish messages to be sent to (starting with the country code). Click the “Save” button to finish.


Please note, messages will not be sent if they’ve been auto processed. You can learn how to configure message processing here.

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Adding Your FTP Credentials

It’s about to get technical, so you may need to grab a friendly developer or support person to help you through this step. 

  1. Click on the “Configuration” tab.
  2. Fill in your FTP credentials in the FTP Configuration box, including if you want to enable FTP Upload, your Hostname, Username, Password, Port, Remote Upload Dir, Remote Filename, Message Limit, and Upload Frequency. Then click the “Save” button.


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Hiding a Mobile Number and Their Messages

If there is a mobile number that you don’t want to see you can filter their number and messages from your Mobile Studio inbox.

 Click on the “Configuration” tab.


In the “Mobile Filter” box, type in the mobile number you’d like to filter and, if you’d like, the reason for filtering that number (like “terrible taste in music”, or “won’t stop texting expletives”).

Then click the “Save” button.


If a mobile number manages to get back in your good books, just click the cross button in the far right column of the corresponding mobile number to see their messages again. Then when prompted, click “OK”.

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