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Modica have partnered with Spark NZ, to provide access to the New Zealand Pager network.  This allows organisations access to a new pager network, (the old pager network was decommissioned on the 1st of July 2017).  The new network will allow selected (contracted through Spark) customers to continue to send to pager devices.

Modica have enabled a specialised transport which can be set up and deployed on any of our existing APIs (and on a select number of our web-applications).


If you are already contracted, through Spark, you can request the specialised transport be added to your existing gateway application credentials.  


If this is a new set up, choose from any of the following available APIs from our suite: 


You can request the specialised transport be provisioned on the following web-based applications from our suite of applications: 

To request any of the above, please contact your friendly account manager, or directly through:


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