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Robust and reliable message gateway connectivity for high volume services.


Connect to us using one of the simple APIs and plan your message delivery. You pick the countries and if you would like one or two way messaging. We handle the connectivity with the telecommunications operators. Once your message is sent, you’ll receive delivery status updates, so you can rest easy knowing that it’s been delivered, or if not why not.


A popular choice for those wanting to integrate SMS into their app using simple GET requests.The original gateway using its own Web Service Definition Language.With a continuous connection, the SMPP API is typically used by very high volume services. Feature rich with a range of developer libraries and allows you single mobile or broadcast to many.SOAP based protocol which allows delivery of multimedia messages


  • High volume throughput
  • Mobile number portability
  • Auto queueing
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Character encoding support
  • Message retrying (outbound & inbound)
  • Two way messaging

  • Code extensions
  • International routing
  • Long messages
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Authentication
  • Multi Time Zone Support

  • Status reports (DLR)