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Run The Red was acquired by Modica Group in April 2016.  Our ultimate goal is to have all our clients connect directly to our Omni platform (before 1 August 2019).  This will require our clients to integrate with a slightly different API.  Taking into consideration the need for our clients to complete this work at a time that is convenient, we plan to phase this migration process.

Phase 1: Re-routing traffic within the Modica platform so that the mobile network migration can happen without the need for our clients to complete any changes.  This is happening soon.  You will have received an email from our Service Delivery team with a migration date for your service.

Phase 2: Work with our clients to set up a connection directly to Omni, be able to test this connection and then finally start redirecting your traffic, at a time that is more convenient and after you’ve tested the platform.  We are working to achieve this by 1-August-2019.

What dates/times will Modica migrate our service?

The next migration will take place Tuesday 2-July at 10 am and the process may last for 1 hour.  The mobile networks will migrate between 10 am and 11 am (NZT).  You should have received an email from our team if you're scheduled to migrate on this date.  The timeline is difficult to negotiate as we rely on the four mobile networks and the availability of their staff.  Our objective is always to prevent any unnecessary disruption to our clients and their mobile customers.

Can we expect some downtime?

Unfortunately, yes.  What we're doing is directing traffic from one connection to another, so each of the services can expect downtime while the carriers are porting the shortcodes.  This is expected to be short, but if complications do occur you should prepare for up to 60-mins of downtime to your service.  All of the carriers will do this at different times which is why we agree to a window that they need to schedule the work to be completed so it reduces the downtime to you, our client.

Within the agreed window, and all going smoothly you can expect short outages on each of the mobile networks.

What will happen to messages during this downtime period?

Once the mobile networks start the migration process, messages you send to Modica will likely be “rejected”.  This is because we cannot deliver the message.

Any messages from the mobile customer to your service will be queued by the mobile networks until the connection for that shortcode is re-established.

Do I need to do anything?

Not right now.  As part of this migration, we've put in place a middleware layer that allows the platform you currently connect to, to integrate seamlessly with the Omni platform.

During the migration, we will keep you updated via email.

Sometime in the future, our Service Delivery team will reach out to discuss a direct connection to the Omni platform.  If you prefer, you can reach out to your Service Delivery Manager directly or if you don't know who this is, contact our Head of Service Delivery, Lorelena ( or +6421844538).

Can I still log into the dashboard?

If you had access to the Run The Red messaging dashboard, you will move to a new user account with access to the Omni dashboard.  When our team create your user profile, the system will automatically trigger an email taking you a through a process of setting your password.  Keep a lookout and if you haven't been set up within 10 working days, email cc your Service Delivery Manager and one of our support staff will get in touch.

Will I need training to use the dashboard?

The dashboard is simple to navigate so we're not planning to provide any scheduled training for clients.  If you do have questions, our support team will be happy to assist (

Can I opt out of this?

We recommend against it.  If there are challenges with these dates and times, we can discuss removing you from the list however we would prefer to do this sooner rather than later.  Please contact your Service Delivery Manager (the person who sent you the notification email) to discuss further.

How can I find out which shortcodes are migrating?

Unless you've been given a list of codes (via email), you should assume all of your New Zealand shortcodes will be part of this migration.  If you're unsure, contact your Service Delivery Manager.

Why move to a different platform?

As a single entity, we want to find smarter ways to deliver for our clients.  To do this, we need to focus on consolidating our services and ramping up our investment in new technologies, keeping messaging at our core.

The Omni platform has been part of our Modica story for over 10 years, so it's not a new piece of kit.  It's being used by many other companies large and small, with a strong reputation within the Messaging industry.  Omni also has a richer feature set that would benefit all our clients both local and international, so we're confident this is the platform our clients will want to use as their business continues to grow.

How can I find out more about the Omni products?

Omni products are being developed all the time, so the list of available features will continue to grow.  You can discuss setting up your direct connection to Omni with your Service Delivery Manager when you're ready to connect.

To start, here's a link to our Gateway specifications:

Check out our Modica public space here:

What's involved in the migration?

At the moment, your service connects to our RedX platform (previously owned by Run The Red).  This applies some messaging logic and then we pass your text messages to our external gateway, which in turn passes this to the mobile networks for delivery to the handset.

The change we're making is to re-route messages from RedX to Omni (via this middleware layer) and then to the mobile networks.  This is Phase 1 of the migration.  Phase 2 will be setting up a direct connection to Omni with each of our clients and this will need to be completed by July 2019.

The work Modica needs to do is to re-route traffic for your shortcodes at the same time the carriers update their configuration.  This means there will need to be some coordination so that the disruption to your service is minimal.

What are the risks?

There is always some risk that something unplanned might happen when a change is made.  Within Modica, to prepare as best we can, we've completed extensive testing on our middleware layer that connects to Omni.  There are also other QA tasks to confirm that the product within the Omni platform is the right product for your service.

The mobile networks have thorough processes in place for these changes and will always prefer to fix any issues that do arise before rolling back their changes (which is our fall back option).  We have had many years of experience migrating services in the past without the need to roll back.

How do I get in touch?

During the migration window, if you are experiencing issues, please contact our support team by emailing or by calling 0800 77 66 22 (+64 4 498 6000).

You can also call our Head of Service Delivery directly if you need your issue escalated by calling +6421 844 538.

How will I know the work has been completed?

Once the mobile networks and our team have confirmed everything is working, we will email you with a final update.

You may also be asked to provide feedback about your experience working with our team.  This is so we can take the learnings and better prepare for the next migration cycle.  If you feel there is a way we could have provided a better experience, please let us know.  We appreciate all the feedback.

How can I start preparing for Phase 2 of the migration?

We encourage you to move to our Omni platform sooner rather than later as later in the year we plan to start decommissioning our RedX platform, but we want to do this with you.  It’s important to us that we work with you to achieve a smooth transition.  

We acknowledge that businesses evolve rapidly - so for some of our clients, the way you intended to use the service is not how you want to continue using it in the future.  Your vision for messaging changes, so talk to your Service Delivery Manager if you need a slightly different product.