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How Does it work

We offer two support options for our customers:

Business Hours Helpdesk – Free business hours access to our helpdesk for all customers,


Extended Hours Helpdesk – 24 x 7 assistance from our customer support team when you quote an extended support number (ESN).

Contacting Support


Local Telephone & Offices:

Systems Status Information:

Support Hours

Modica provides Free Business Hours Access to its Helpdesk for all customers between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding National Public Holidays. Calls may be logged outside of these times but will not be dealt with until the next working day unless you have an Extended Hours Support agreement.

Extended Support

Extended Hours Helpdesk Access is available as an additional service and provides customers with access to assistance from our Customer Support team outside of normal business hours. We will provide you with an Extended Support Plan Number (ESP Number) which you must quote to our Helpdesk when requesting support outside normal business hours.






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