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Modica monitors and analyses the content, message traffic, and network conditions across our entire platform to give deeper insights, more reliable service, and to protect the market at three levels'

  1. Market Level
    • Regulatory Compliance monitoring
    • Telco traffic monitoring and SPAM filtering
  2. Modica Level - this is looking across all of the traffic, across all of our clients to help Modica run its business.
    • Compliance
    • Anomalous messaging
    • Unexpected activity on a client service
  3. Client Level - what’s going on with their services and reporting to them
    • Customer sentiment from MO messages
    • Trends in types of messages
    • Customers receiving a lot of MT messages (or sending a lot of MO)
    • Phishing and SPAM via SMS messages

Modica Intelligent Messaging solutions look at the services we run within our OMNI platform to infer deeper insights across three areas;