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The need for people to communicate more and often means the number of messages we expect to handle on behalf of our customers , will increase.  A cloud hosting provider who can help us scale quickly is important, which is why we chose to make the move now.

Previous Communications on this work

Modica Omni Hosting Migration Reminder Email Sent Thursday September 03 2020

Modica Omni Hosting Provider Migration Notice Email Sent Friday 24 July 2020

Alert sent to all subscribers. Sent Friday 31 July 2020 (Deleted and replaced by Alert sent Thursday 13 August below)

Modica Omni Hosting Provider Migration Notice Update Email Sent Thursday 13 August 2020

UPDATE: Hosting Provider Migration Important: Migration date has changed Sent Thursday 13 August 2020

Alert sent to all subscribers Sent Thursday 13 August 2020

What can I expect during the Week beginning


7 September 2020?

There are four separate 4-hour maintenance windows (2221:00pm 00 pm NZST to 0201:00am 00 am NZST) that you should prepare for.  The specific times are;

Start TimeEnd TimeMigration PhaseImpact


17 August

7 September  @


21:00 pm

Tues 18 August @ 02:00am


(@ 09:00 UTC)

Tues 8 September @ 01:00am NZST

(Mon 7 @ 13:00 UTC)

Phase 1: Carrier Connection Migrations

Tues 18 August @ 22

Messages and delivery receipts to and from handsets will be delayed during the migration. Once the migration has been completed, all messages and delivery receipts will be delivered.

Tues 8 September @ 21:00 pm

Wed 19 August @ 02:00am


(09:00 UTC)

Wed 9 September @ 01:00am NZST

(Tues 8 @ 13:00 UTC)

Phase 2: Messaging Core Migration

Wed 19 August @ 22:00 pm

Thurs 20 August @ 02:00am

API and Omni will be unavailable during the migration. MOs and DLRs will be queued until the migration concludes.

Wed 9 September @ 21:00 pm NZST

(09:00 UTC)

Thurs 10 September @ 01:00am NZST

(Wed 9 @ 13:00 UTC)

Phase 3: Omni Web Interface Migration

Thurs 20 August @ 22:00 pm

Friday 21 August @ 02:00am

The Omni web-interface will be unavailable. No new API connections can be created, no new API applications can be created during this time, existing API applications should work normally.

Web2SMS and Campaign Manager will be unavailable.

Thurs 10 September @ 21:00 pm NZST

(09:00 UTC)

Friday 11 September @ 01:00am NZST

(Thurs 10 @ 13:00 UTC)

Phase 4: API End-Point Migration

All attempts to make API requests will be unsuccessful. Email2SMS messages will queue until after the migration completes. Omni will be unaffected, and web-browser use of Campaign Manager and Web2SMS function as usual.

During each maintenance window, there may be short periods where Omni will be unavailable.  Users will not be able to log into the Omni Dashboard and API product users will receive an error when trying to send an SMS message to a mobile device.


Messages to mobile users will be queued and sent to the Mobile Network Operator to pass on to the mobile user once Omni is available, unless you receive a 'rejected' response from Omni, in which case, you will need to re-send this message once maintenance has been completed.

You should prepare for a delay in our ability to deliver the delivery of messages during the maintenance windows.

We advise you to, if possible, avoid sending any important and/or time-critical messages during these Maintenance Windows. If you are expecting to need to send messages during any of the above Maintenance Windows please see the How can I avoid any downtime? section below.

Will I need to change anything?


  1. Prepare your customer care and your helpdesk/support teams so they are informed;
  2. Share how teams can subscribe to our Status page service HERE to  to be kept up to date and if you need any support during the maintenance window, email or if urgent ring 0800 77 66 22 / + 64 4 498 6000; and
  3. Email us with the contact details of your on-call support engineer.

What is the roll back rollback plan?

Each maintenance window has a different roll back rollback plan and any time needed to roll back any changes , has been considered as part of the preparatory exerciseour preparation.  Each phase is dependent dependant on the success of the previous phase.  Any issues we experience will be investigated immediately.

How can I avoid any downtime?


You will need to request this via your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager.  We have a limited number of codes available via this platform and there may be a cost to set this up and an ongoing cost if you want to retain this past the week beginning 17th 7th of August September 2020.

Get in touch to secure your back up connection now.

Will I receive a reminder?

If you are subscribed to our Omni Status page notification service, you will receive a reminder 1 hour before each scheduled maintenance window, the notification for each of the first 3 Phases will all also again detail the other phases still to come.

Another Status message will also be sent once each phase's Maintenance has been completed.

You can subscribe to receive alerts here: