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There are a number of configurable items on the domains page.  Each has inline help text to show you what all the items will do. 

Delivery Receipts via Email


You may choose to receive emailed delivery receipts to let you know whether the messages you send have been received. If you enable this function, you will receive a delivery receipt email for each message you send via Email2SMS. You can choose for delivery receipts to be returned to the sender of the original message or to a nominated email address.


Only final delivery statuses are sent. In some cases, we may not receive a final delivery status from the carrier. In those instances, a delivery receipt will not be sent.

Email Truncation Sequence


If you choose, you may define a sequence of characters which will define where in the email the end of the intended message is. This can be used to remove email signatures and disclaimer messages. A commonly used sequence is '---'.

Maximum Units


This allows you to restrict or extend the maximum message units that can be sent (per send). You can set the maximum number of units to be anywhere from 1 through to 10 message parts.

 For more info see:  Enabling Concatenation in Email2SMS for more detail.