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  • If you are a user from one of our client organisations, we store your contact information (name, postal address, telephone, fax number, and email address) when you enter that information online either through our website or client portal or if you give it to us by any other means. If you have signed any documents with us we may also store your signature;

  • If you are a client that has chosen to pay for our services by direct debit, then we collect yourbank your bank account details when you provide these for payment purposes

  • Other details relating to the company or organisation that you are an employee of, or are administering the Modica account on behalf of, if that information is reasonably necessary for our activities;

  • If one of our clients has sent you a message communication using our services, or you have responded to a message communication from one of our clients, then our client will have provided us with your contact details, which may include your name, postal address, telephone, mobile and fax numbers and email addresses.

  • We may also store Personal Information that our clients have collected from other contacts and uploaded to our online portal.

  • If you contact us through our website, online portal, or by email, fax, post or telephone, we will retain your Personal Information that you provide to us, together with the content of our mutual correspondence, including any emails you send to us.

  • If you have requested a trial of our services, our sales team will collect contact information (name, address, telephone number, email address) from you over the telephone or via our website or by email.