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Table of Contents


Logging On

StepsHow it looks on Omni..

You can login into Omni either via Modica website: 

  • If logging in via Website, click on Login button on the top right corner


Go directly to Omni URL:

Image Modified

Irrespective of how you try to log in from the previous step, you will be presented with a login panel

  • Enter your user name and password
  • Click on Login or hit <Return> on your keyboard.

Image Modified


Once you have logged in, the landing page is your personal Dashboard.  Here you will find your system snapshot. 


Main Navigation Menu


Account Details - This is where you can reset your password. (If you have admin rights you can also view / add who has permissions under your business account.)


Depending on your permissions you will be able view financial things!  View Invoices, Payment methods, see Statements etc


As per the dashboard, this drop down will link you to the applications/services you have access to.  


Network Status

This link connects you to the Modica Network Status page and gives you information about any technical issues.

Notifications / System Alerts

Modica recommends users subscribe to our events notification process.


You can find out more about the Status Updates Page here.

My Tickets

This allows you to create, and view the status your support tickets. 


You will receive an automated acknowledgement, with your ticket number. Support will get back to you as soon as they can, usually within 24 hours.   For more support information see:


If you have permission, this lets you see your login history and the login history of any users under your company account.


This sections links you through to the Modica document repository.