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Charity Services and Text Giving have been created for registered charities to raise funds.

The Donations solution is often used as a channel for funding community projects or providing an important service to those in need. Fundraising through these services can be effective, successful and profitable alongside a marketing campaign that helps to consistently promote your service. Rely on our expertise to ensure all your service requirements are covered. The support offered, alongside the simplicity of this service provides an easy and affordable way for everyday people to engage with, and support charities.


Modica provide a short code (a three to four-digit number people can text) to use as part of your wider advertising campaign. When mobile users send a text message to your short code, they are charged $3 donation per text. This fee is applied to their account if they are on a plan or taken from their credit if they have a pre-pay account. A message is then sent to the mobile in reply to the donation, and this is both free to the mobile user and you, the Charity.


  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
    You will have an experienced SDM to look after you.

  • NZ Mobile Carrier Relationship
    Modica will deal with NZ mobile carriers to set up all routing on your behalf.

  • Customer Web Dashboard
    Monitor real time statistics with Modica's customer web dashboard.

  • Hassle free set-up
    Modica will set up and test your campaign to ensure your charity appeal is 100% operational.

  • Modica Gateway
    Modica provide a high availability Gateway that will automatically handle transactions, sending and receiving of all messages.

  • Configurable Keywords
    Configurable keywords allow you to align your campaign to your brand making them more memorable.

For more information, please email or call 0800 77 66 22.


Solution Sheet

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Introduction to Charity Messaging

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