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OMNI Insights is a service that reports and interprets the data across Modica messaging services. Using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and external market data (where needed), OMNI Insights provides our clients and partners with a suite of tools to analyse their messaging, compare market trends, analyse sentiments in message content and develop deep insights into their customers behavior.

Typically Insights are at three levels;

  • Market Level
    • Regulatory Compliance monitoring
    • Mobile Network Operator traffic monitoring and SPAM filtering
  • Modica Level - looking across all of the traffic, across all of our clients to help Modica run its business
    • Compliance
    • Anomalous messaging
    • Unexpected activity on a client service
  • Client Level - what’s going on with their services and reporting to them
    • Customer sentiment from Mobile Originated messages
    • Trends in types of messages
    • Customers receiving or sending unusually large numbers of messages
    • Phishing and SPAM message content

Current Insight Projects include;

  • TelcoWatch - Mobile Network Operator market share in certain markets
  • Click through rates on links in SMS
  • Handset Manufacturer market share

Omni Insights Solution Sheet 

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